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Mission and Goals

The Foundation, created by Albert M. Greenfield in 1953, reflected his personal ideals of service, the dignity of mankind and the preservation of individual and civil liberties.

As originally conceived by him, the Foundation had a broad purpose, emphasizing grants in arts and culture, economics, education, government, science and religion. Over the following decades, Mr. Greenfield’s ideals have been continuously reaffirmed and updated for contemporary relevance by succeeding generations of Foundation trustees, the majority of whom are his direct descendants.


Focused on Philadelphia

The Foundation’s primary purpose, which has remained constant since its inception, is to strengthen the fabric of community life in the City of Philadelphia.

Its principal goal is to perpetuate Mr. Greenfield’s work and creative energy by helping to improve the human condition based on the values of tolerance, dignity and social justice. The Foundation aims to spur creative thinking by supporting new programs that fill unmet needs and respond to changing social conditions.


Leadership Grant-Making

The Foundation seeks to maintain and enrich Philadelphia’s historic tradition of intellectual, cultural and economic contributions to the country and world. Increasingly, therefore, the Foundation endeavors to support Philadelphia initiatives that have global impact or serve as national models.

The Foundation believes in making thoughtful, focused grants that support Philadelphia-area non-profit organizations which are taking the lead in improving the quality of community life. The Foundation therefore gives priority consideration to organizations that seek innovative solutions to entrenched and/or emerging problems. In doing so, the Foundation will take prudent risks in partnering with non-profit organizations with exceptional track records to launch promising new projects. Rather than play a passive grant-making role, the Foundation prefers to collaborate with grantees, working directly with them and monitoring their progress.


Clear objectives and measurable results

The Foundation gives lower priority to proposals seeking funding for general operations and to continue existing programs.

Although he was an idealist and a visionary, Mr. Greenfield was also a pragmatist. In that spirit, the Foundation funds only discrete programs with clear objectives that will achieve measurable results.



Highlighted Grantees

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society: Empowering People Through Horticulture

University of Pennsylvania's Dr. John Fantuzzo: Making Urban Education Work for Children

The Academy of Natural Sciences Albert M Greenfield Digital Imaging Center: Harnessing Technology for Museum Research, Information and Education

Board of Directors

Priscilla M. Luce, President
Philadelphia, PA

Juliet G. Six, Treasurer
Washington, DC

Deborah G. DeLauro, Secretary
Haverford, PA

Albert M. Greenfield, III
Villanova, PA

Sarah E. Mark
Laurel, MD

Edward A. Montgomery, Jr.
Philadelphia, PA